sábado, abril 07, 2012


Y aquellos que fueron vistos
fueron tomados por locos
por aquellos
que no podían escuchar
la música

martes, febrero 21, 2012

cinco balas

Si todos los dioses están en el cielo, esto debe ser el infierno.

sábado, febrero 18, 2012

the stars, the moon and the sea

+Who are you?
-who do you want me to be?

viernes, febrero 17, 2012

Being nice doesn't get you anywhere

There are so many things that can go wrong in our lives.

But it doesn't matter anymore.

lunes, febrero 13, 2012


As I'm a big Lana del Rey fan.. I decided to create a video with her song "Dark Paradise"

viernes, febrero 03, 2012

Inspiration 030212

Life is a funny thing
twists and turns
and in the bad times
it just breaks and burns
but as you get older
you just live and learn
to shrug your shoulders
and be the bigger man

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