sábado, agosto 07, 2010

I'm really lucky

I'm well aware of how lucky I am
He is like nobody else in the world
So sweet, truthful, funny, attentive, he is loud but then quiet...
He seems so calm... That makes me feel even more nervous, it's lovely

When I'm with him it's like... it's like I... I split in two!

Half of me is just... on fire, going crazy if I'm not touching him
I explode inside of happiness!
So insecure, talkative, clumsy and can't imagine why he would choose me
Can't stop laughing about everything, jumping and singing.

The other half is so still and peaceful
Just perfectly content
Wants to hold his hand and listen to him, that half is delicate and tender
Thinks: he is the one, forget those insecurities, leave the rest behind!

Something between a dream and a miracle

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The lady sweet. dijo...

Me encanta el Blog y las fotos!
Te sigo:)


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