martes, noviembre 23, 2010

And I look back all the time...

Every passing minute
is another chance
to turn it all around

At first I was just standing outside watching everybody.
I was too young and never thought something could go wrong in my life.
Everything was simple.


There is no right and wrong
There is only fun and boring

Then the summer came. Everything was exciting. I was unstoppable.
A lot of things were happening in the blink of an eye.


 I stand outside under broken leaves

Once everybody stops laughing, the memories begin to hunt you.
The past is real and nobody knows what to do.
Where is the right path?


I am the bones you couldn't break

Everything moves too fast.
Before you can take a look it's already over. This isn't funny anymore. 
What is happening?

Is this in my head?

 One day

you can look

someone straight in the eyes and say...

But I lived through it.

And it made me who I am today.


It's ok to be afraid,
you are free to hate your situation,
but one day you will remember everything
and you'll be proud of what you have become...

Believe me

2 comentarios:

Juanenruso dijo...

muy muy crema la ultima fotaca

Laura Collazos B. dijo...

O_O me encanta la entradaaa!!
I love you ^^


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