sábado, abril 16, 2011

Lina Tesch

Is a photographer from Wuppertal (Germany)
I've posted some of her photos in my blog before.

Just take a look at her work, it's amazing!

I'm sure you want to find out something more about her.

Her website   - Lina Tesch
And her blog - Lina Tesch

Click to listen to
Devendra Banhart "16th & Valencia Roxy Music"

3 comentarios:

Rich Girls. dijo...

those shots are wonderful.
the first one is my favourite i think.
i love the 'guess' campaign shots below as well.
the styling is gorgeous. x.

Ladies Pantorrilla. dijo...

Gracias por comentar y seguir nuestro blog!
Me encanta el estilo del tuyo :)
Te seguimos!!


Flopy dijo...

I really like the pictures!! Specially the one which is black and white :)
I like your blog too, If you want we can follow each other!!

Thanks for your lovely comment


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