miércoles, julio 27, 2011

moin moin Düsseldorf!

Hello :)
Here are some pictures I have taken this few weeks in Germany.

Started like this

But didn't last long as you see
Anyway, I took my bike and found out I wasn't the only one going out, even if the weather was bad

After all the days raining, we had one sunny morning.

City shopping

I wanted to share some pictures with my followers, that's all!
I'll be posting soon

How is the weather like where you live?

Have a nice day

4 comentarios:

Isabela dijo...

I really like this city;) In Poland it has been raining for 2 two weeks;/

The PvdH Journal dijo...

Me encantan las de los juego mecanicos!

PvdH -designer and illustrator


Annto dijo...

Great pics, i love it! I like the blog so much, a kiss for you! :)


( Por debajo de la piel ) dijo...

Amé tus fotos, si supieras cómo soy fan del cielo...
Es genial ver el de Alemania aunque sea de lejos, y ya incluyéndo tu perspectiva a través del lente, no podría más q agradecer el q nos compartas tan bellas imágenes n.n

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