sábado, septiembre 03, 2011

Hero.in berlin

This is a movie from the year 1981. It tells the real story of a german girl who becomes a drug addict.

Berlin, 70's.
A 13 year old girl wants to go to SOUND (a disco). She goes there for the first time with a friend...

'Sound' is her second home; she's there every saturday

She meets a boy called Detlef. He and all his friends are always on drugs.
Christiane and Detlef begin a sick relationship. They both show more love for a shoot of heroin than anything else.

Detlef works as a male prostitute so he can afford his addiction. Soon Christiane finds out that it's a easy way for her to earn some money too.

David Bowie plays in the film too. He plays himself in a concert Christiane goes to.

It seemed like she could be anything she wanted,
but she didn't want to be anything

Can you dream about anything?
Can you really be sure you are not dreaming?
Can you dream?
Are you dreaming?
Have you pinched yourself to see that you weren't dreaming?

4 comentarios:

martiita dijo...

Qué pasada lo de las fotos en movimiento! Cómo lo has hecho?
Un besito desde el armarioenduddas :)

Don't Think Twice dijo...

Quiero verla! m has dejado con las ganas! jaja
las fotos moooooolan!

un besooo!

Mai dijo...

Algun dia de estos la veo, fijo!

Barneys Lovers dijo...

me han encantado las fotos! tendre que verla!!!

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